Our Programs

The Clean Energy Council focuses its resources on six key areas, each of which has a significant impact on fulfilling the organization’s stated goal of accelerating the region’s clean energy economy: Innovation, Workforce Development, Education & Learning, Cluster & Economic Development, Policy & Advocacy and Research.


Cleantech Innovations New England
The NECEC Institute, the sister organization of the New England Clean Energy Council, received an $1,250,000 award led by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (“EDA”) with participatory funding from other U.S. Government agencies to fund the Cleantech Innovations New England innovation consortium aimed at accelerating clean energy startup activity. 

U-Launch provides a flexible set of technical, business, financial and infrastructure services and funding to help promising but unproven cleantech innovations cross the chasm from lab to early market.

Education & Learning

Finance Series
This popular quarterly panel series focuses on the various topics related to the financing of clean energy projects. For upcoming panels, check the
Council Events page.

Leading Clean Energy Ventures: Executive Certificate Program
This program is administered by the NECEC Institute, a supporting entity of the Clean Energy Council. Click above to learn more. 

Workforce Development

Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Opportunity Program
In partnership with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, this program will places  students and recent graduates in summer internships at clean energy companies across the state. 

Clean Energy Education and Training Online Directory
The Council, together with the State of Vermont, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP), created and maintain an online resource dedicated to connecting people to information about clean energy education and training programs throughout Massachusetts and Vermont.

Workforce Roundtables and Employer Engagement Program
Funded by the Garfield Foundation, this program includes a variety of initiatives aimed at engaging clean energy employers, and builds on recommendations from a series of employer roundtables convened in 2010.

Cluster & Economic Development

Cluster & Economic Development
The Cluster & Economic Development program tackles the diverse challenges facing sub-sets of New England’s clean economy cluster with a business-led, action-oriented and multi-stakeholder approach. 

Policy & Advocacy

Federal Advocacy
The Council actively advocates for a slate of federal policy positions aimed at accelerating the regional and national clean energy economy.

DC Fly-In

Each year, a group of C-level executives and investors visit Washington D.C. for a series of meetings on Capitol Hill and with executive agencies.

State Advocacy
The Council continues to advocate for state policies throughout New England.


RGGI 2.0
This program is administered by the NECEC Institute, a supporting entity of the Clean Energy Council. Click above to learn more.