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November 10, 2011

The letter below was sent to the NECEC Sponsorship and Membership on 11/9/11

Dear Sponsors and Members,

I wanted to make you aware of an exciting new national organization that we at the New England Clean Energy Council have helped to launch. On Monday, the Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) was formally unveiled in Denver. AEE is a growing national network of state and regional business groups promoting American companies as global suppliers of innovative energy technologies, and NECEC is proud to be a founding Chapter.
There are additional founding chapters in Illinois, Ohio and Colorado, and many more chapters are in the process of being formed across the country. (For a map of chapters in process, click here.)
We applaud the leadership of the AEE's co-founders and co-chairs, Hemant Taneja and Tom Steyer, and you can learn more about AEE by visiting its website, reading its press release or our release. But I wanted to briefly explain what the launch of AEE means for you, as an NECEC Sponsor or Member.
Through NECEC Your Company is Connected to AEE's National Network
Your company does not need to join AEE, or pay additional dues. Through your NECEC Membership or Sponsorship you will now be affiliated with AEE as well. Connection to AEE's growing national network is a benefit of NECEC membership.
The exact structure of AEE membership and its benefits are still being determined, and the specific resources to which your company will have access will be made clear over the coming months.
Strength (and Influence) In Numbers
One of the major benefits of NECEC's affiliation with AEE is greater influence, particularly at the federal level, as well as greater business and segment connections across the country. The AEE network starts out with chapters representing more than 700 companies in nine states, with that number to more than double by early next year. When all AEE chapters now being formed are in place, over half of the U.S. population will be in states represented by an AEE chapter. By connecting with other clean energy clusters across the country, NECEC will be able to increase its influence on behalf of your company and the industry.
Expanded Resources and Sharing Best Practices
Since we formed NECEC five years ago, we've learned a lot about how best to accelerate innovation, policies, markets and business growth in what is a relatively young industry. One of the exciting things about helping to start AEE was being able to share the model that has worked here in New England. But equally important is learning from other clusters across the country so that we can better help you - our members - grow your businesses.
Our affiliation with AEE will also allow us to access a number of additional resources, from policy and strategy expertise, to financial resources that allow us to hire much-needed additional staff.
Merger with Clean Economy Network
The Clean Economy Network (CEN), a frequent partner of ours over the past two years, is merging into AEE. We're excited to have the CEN Boston chapter joining the NECEC community. (Read a letter from myself and CEN leadership to CEN Boston.)
I am very excited about the launch of AEE, and what it means both for our NECEC community and for the clean energy industry more broadly. If you have any questions about AEE, our role in it, or what it means for your company, please don't hesitate to contact NECEC directly.
Peter Rothstein
New England Clean Energy Council
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