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5 Common Problems with Cleantech Prototyping and How to Solve Them

The following post is the start of a series focusing on making Boston a world class city for clean energy prototyping.

State of clean energy investing gets mixed results

How would you describe the state of clean energy investing today?
Fail Data

Fail Data

"The No. 1 policy we could put into place would be to make sure that companies taking government money -- on the assumption that it's a public good they're doing -- have to give up some of their data on how well things worked, how well things didn't work."
How big cleantech VCs can suffer from negative selection bias

How big cleantech VCs can suffer from negative selection bias

One of the challenges for cleantech VCs, and for VCs in general right now, is the potential negative selection bias that comes from being a large fund. Especially the large, big-name firms with "go big or go home" perspectives on their investments.

The Cleantech Revolution Will Not Be Televised

There's a shakeout underway in the cleantech venture sector, with many generalists abandoning dealmaking in cleantech to head for "easier" returns in social media, and many sectoral specialists having a hard time raising new funds. But there's a revolution underway in cleantech, and it's being led by the entrepreneurs.