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Member Spotlight - Metabolix

Member Spotlight – Metabolix

The global demand for plastics is increasing 3-5% annually, with exponentially higher demand in developing countries. But what happens to plastic products after they are used? Even recycling results in waste that needs to end up somewhere. Metabolix addresses these challenges with the manufacturing and production of innovative, biobased, compostable and biodegradable plastic products. Founded...

Weekly Links 2-3-12

Exciting start to a surprisingly warm February. AEE and ACORE announce collaboration last week, Harvest Power’s Fraser Richmond received $1.5 million in funding, PwC releases Renewables report, and the first transcript from the Energy Leaders Breakfast Club hits our blog and Mass High Tech.   New England Clean Energy Council & Sponsor/Member News: BC Bioenergy...

Weekly Links 6-3-11

General Compression, Blue Earth, EnerNOC, Metabolix, Sun Catalytix, and Boston-Power made news this week. Governor Christie was criticized for his plan to abandon RGGI, and the GOP offered bills to significantly curtail energy investments.

Weekly Links 5-31-11

Harvest Power, Metabolix, Digital Lumens, and Konarka made news this week. New Jersey Governor Christie threatened to withdraw his state from RGGI, and Massachusetts cut the ribbon for its new Wind Technology Testing Center.   New England Clean Energy Council & Sponsor/Member News: $6M More for Harvest Power | XConomy AMCS’s McGahn to take over...

Weekly Links 5-8-11

First Wind, A123, Metabolix, EnerNOC, Digital Lumens, Harvest Power and Konarka are all featured in this week’s links. Meanwhile, the battle over RGGI in NH continues, and Washington turns back to energy policy in the face of gas prices.
Help Wanted: 24 Clean Energy Firms Hiring 300 New Employees Right Now

Help Wanted: 24 Clean Energy Firms Hiring 300 New Employees Right Now

Clean energy employers are looking for talented people. Whether it’s solar or wind, efficiency or batteries, biofuels or insulation, you don’t have to look far to find “help wanted” signs in the shop windows.

Weekly Clean Energy Links 3-15-11

U-Launch (a partnership between the Council and multiple other org’s) announced its first round of awards to startups this week, and make sure to check out Peter Rothstein’s op-ed at The Hill’s blog on budgets for energy innovation. AMSC, Spire, Metabolix, NSTAR and more made news, and, of course, Japan’s unfolding nuclear crisis has been...