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No More Cheap Gas

No More Cheap Gas

High, volatile gas prices are now an undeniable economic reality. To effectively combat our rising transportation costs, we can’t rehash the same old options.

The Consequences of Gas Price Volatility

With gas prices likely to reach $5 this summer, it seems obvious that the increased price will lead to economic difficulties for families and businesses. Looking closer at the situation, however, there is another concern as well. While the higher price negatively affects Americans, it’s not just the increase that affects the economy, but the...
What Goes Into the Price of Gas

What Goes Into the Price of Gas

Comparing U.S. gas prices and gas taxes to other countries and looking at the causes of price fluctuations.

Weekly Links 5-8-11

First Wind, A123, Metabolix, EnerNOC, Digital Lumens, Harvest Power and Konarka are all featured in this week’s links. Meanwhile, the battle over RGGI in NH continues, and Washington turns back to energy policy in the face of gas prices.

Weekly Links 4-29-11

Next Step Living, Spire, and Beacon Power all made news. Dan Esty and Michael Porter sparked debate on all sides with a call for a carbon tax in The New York Times, DC is debating fossil fuel subsidies in light of gas prices, and much more.