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Frick on Cleanweb and the Future of Cleantech

This post originally appeared on BostInno on March 8, 2013   Cleanweb: An Opportunity to Get Energy Entrepreneurs Thinking Bigger by Walter Frick Venrock’s Matthew Nordan isn’t interested in just another energy monitoring app. What he’s looking for from energy entrepreneurs is a new burst of creativity, the kind that the web introduced to the IT sector over...

The Low-Hanging Fruit of Energy Efficiency is Perennial

“Just when you think all of the low-hanging energy efficiency fruit has been picked, new technology makes it grow right back.”

Weekly Links 5-31-11

Harvest Power, Metabolix, Digital Lumens, and Konarka made news this week. New Jersey Governor Christie threatened to withdraw his state from RGGI, and Massachusetts cut the ribbon for its new Wind Technology Testing Center.   New England Clean Energy Council & Sponsor/Member News: $6M More for Harvest Power | XConomy AMCS’s McGahn to take over...

Weekly Links 5-8-11

First Wind, A123, Metabolix, EnerNOC, Digital Lumens, Harvest Power and Konarka are all featured in this week’s links. Meanwhile, the battle over RGGI in NH continues, and Washington turns back to energy policy in the face of gas prices.
Green Marketing: It’s All About the Benjamins

Green Marketing: It’s All About the Benjamins

The ‘green’ prospective customers care most about is money. Images of polar bears or children playing in the grass are not the way to engage customers these days. Yes, customers want to invest in products that have green/clean/sustainability benefits, but economic considerations are paramount.
Help Wanted: 24 Clean Energy Firms Hiring 300 New Employees Right Now

Help Wanted: 24 Clean Energy Firms Hiring 300 New Employees Right Now

Clean energy employers are looking for talented people. Whether it’s solar or wind, efficiency or batteries, biofuels or insulation, you don’t have to look far to find “help wanted” signs in the shop windows.

Weekly Clean Energy Links 4-3-11

Leading Clean Energy Ventures, the Council’s executive certificate program with Boston University School of Management was featured in a lengthy MassHighTech article. Nexamp acquired SolVera Energy, Obama gave a speech on oil dependency and much more.