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We Can't Afford Coal

We Can’t Afford Coal

A new paper by leading environmental economists confirms that we really can't afford to continue to use coal.
Coal Isn't Cheap; Carbon Gets Expensive

Coal Isn’t Cheap; Carbon Gets Expensive

For all the focus around when renewables will be able to compete on price with coal, we all know the "price" of coal is artificially cheap. The true cost of coal includes various externalities including the climate-related cost of carbon and air pollution. But just how large are they?
Electric Generation: What Are We Building?

Electric Generation: What Are We Building?

Data on new electric power capacity shows that we are adding a tremendous amount of natural gas, very little coal, no nuclear, and an increasing amount of wind.
Renewables + Natural Gas: Relationship Status = It's Complicated

Renewables + Natural Gas: Relationship Status = It’s Complicated

This is the third in a series of posts on a recent analysis by Google on energy innovation. The first post focused on the key takeaways: energy innovation has a significant economic payoff; and the sooner we start, the greater that payoff is. The second post focused on the importance of policy in order to displace...
Displacing Coal: Breakthroughs Aren't Enough

Displacing Coal: Breakthroughs Aren’t Enough

Even with ambitious technological breakthroughs, coal is difficult to displace without policy, according to a recent analysis by Google.