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Maine is an energy industry powerhouse

The following op-ed by Peter Rothstein and E2Tech Executive Director Jeff Marks originally appeared in the Bangor Daily News on Monday, July 1st. Henry Ford once said that you can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. This is our state’s challenge as our neighbors threaten to surge ahead of us in saving...

Help Wanted: 28 MA Clean Energy Companies Filling 270 Positions in MA Right Now

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Turn on the radio, flip on the TV, look at the newspaper, or scan the Web, and everyone’s talking about jobs —how to create them, what sectors are growing, and how to get people trained for today’s economy. If you’re one of the many recent graduates or unemployed people looking for an...

A Big Week in Clean Energy for Massachusetts

In case you hadn't noticed, the clean energy community in Massachusetts is having a great week. The Bay State is widely recognized as a national clean energy leader and three items this week underscore why that is.
There Are 64,310 Clean Energy Workers in Massachusetts

There Are 64,310 Clean Energy Workers in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center released their 2011 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report yesterday, a rigorous empirical analysis.
Can't Miss Green Jobs Chart

Can’t Miss Green Jobs Chart

Some data on green jobs via The Center for American Progress and the Brookings Institution.
Why "Green Jobs" Get Such A Bad Rap

Why “Green Jobs” Get Such A Bad Rap

Why does the press grill the "green job" story harder than the average job creation rhetoric? Because the economics are more complicated. Bottom line: clean energy will make the economy more productive and more prosperous.

Clean Energy Job Growth: Maine Weighs In, Light

In celebration of our Affiliation with the Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech), I wanted to get a sense of motivators and barriers to job growth in the Pine Tree State. I asked E2Tech member ReVision Energy’s Co-Founder, Phil Coupe, and Marketing Manager, Fred Greenhalgh, to weigh in on the status of clean...
Help Wanted: 24 Clean Energy Firms Hiring 300 New Employees Right Now

Help Wanted: 24 Clean Energy Firms Hiring 300 New Employees Right Now

Clean energy employers are looking for talented people. Whether it’s solar or wind, efficiency or batteries, biofuels or insulation, you don’t have to look far to find “help wanted” signs in the shop windows.

The Economic Logic of Clean Energy Jobs

What do broken windows have to do with green jobs? The Center for American Progress is glad you asked. The progressive think tank has a new issue brief out on clean energy jobs that provides an excellent overview of the economic logic behind clean energy job creation. Estimated employment impacts of clean energy policies are...