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Reports of Clean Energy’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

This piece was originally posted on the Huffington Post’s Green Blog   If the notion “he who lives by the subsidy dies by the subsidy” is true, then oil, gas and nuclear companies must be dying a thousand deaths. “A Sad Green Story,” the recent New York Times article by David Brooks, is way off...

New Brookings Report on State Clean Energy Finance Banks Provides Ideas for Bottom-Up Solutions

Private sector entrepreneurship, technology innovation, and public support have all contributed to the rise of clean energy and energy efficiency in New England. While federal and state budget issues have created financing challenges for large-scale deployment of low-carbon energy solutions, many states have risen to the challenge, coming to the forefront in implementing innovative clean...

“Beyond Boom and Bust” Report Warns of 75% Decline in Federal Clean Energy Funding Since 2009 Level

With clean energy subsidies from President Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill ending, and other subsidies expiring, a new report from the Brookings Institution, the World Resources Institute and the Breakthrough Institute analyzes the clean energy industry, and findings show that the industry is facing a “funding cliff.” The New York Times ran an editorial on Sunday,...
What the Brookings Data Tells Us About the New England Clean Economy

What the Brookings Data Tells Us About the New England Clean Economy

The Brookings Institution's new report "Sizing the Clean Economy" was released this morning. We were pleased to be down here in DC to be part of the release, and though we are still going through the data, I wanted to share some highlights.

Brookings’ Mark Muro on Cleantech Clusters

Mark Muro, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, has a characteristically excellent post at The New Republic on the value of cleantech clusters.