As I’ve said before, one of the goals of the blog is to create more public conversations within our community and more generally than that about clean energy. In that spirit I offer the first of what I hope will be a weekly feature: a Friday Conversation post that hits on something a bit outside the usual themes we’re emphasizing on this blog.

Here’s blogger Matt Yglesias writing earlier this week:

No matter how hard I try, I can’t quite get my head around the combination of Washington’s obsession with decades-away projected fiscal shortfalls and it’s total lack of interest in decades-away projected climate disaster. If you asked me why the political prospects for addressing the climate crisis are so bleak, I’d say it’s easy to understand. The worst effects of it are in the fairly distant future… But at the same time, everyone’s obsessed with the idea that Medicare will be too costly in 2070.

Why is talking about the long-term risks posed by the deficit politically more palatable than talking about the risks of climate change? I can think of a few reasons, but I’d love to hear what others think!


Walter Frick

Walter is a former Communications Manager at the New England Clean Energy Council.

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